Donate to Help Us Help Animals

Western Dollars go very far in Nepal:

  • $1 USD feeds a homeless dog for one day
  • $10 USD vaccinates 3 dogs against rabies
  • $20 USD can help provide emergency treatment for mange, broken bones, maggot wounds, etc
  • $30 USD sterilizes a street dog
  • $100 USD feeds all our permanent shelter dogs for over 1 week.
  • $500 USD sterilizes almost 20 dogs, that will prevent over 100 puppies from being born into a life of suffering!

BAWS is only possible through its kind donors. Please donate today to help BAWS help animals.

BAWS has outgrown our current animal shelter, we urgently need new land to build our new shelter. Please help by donating to our land fund.

We also accept donations of animal supplies, medicines, veterinary supplies, dog toys, food, etc. Please email to learn more.

If you would like to donate outside of Paypal, email

Many supplies are not available in Nepal. If you are travelling to Nepal, please consider filling your luggage with donated dog supplies!