• BAWS operates several projects to help street dogs, other animals, and people: Animal Birth Control (ABC) Campaign: When you visit BAWS, you will like encounter a sterilization operation (spay/neuter). We have an ongoing ABC campaign and sterilize dogs on a weekly basis. Sterilizations helps maintain the street dog population, with a smaller population, the dogs are healthier and happier. And the people are healthier and happier too!

  • Injured street dog receives care.

    Injured street dog receives care.

  • Vaccination Campaign: BAWS conducts a rabies vaccination campaign during National Rabies Day in October, as well as other times throughout the year. This makes Nepal safer for both dogs and people.
  • Rescue Treat Release Campaign (RTR): BAWS is here to treat the injured and ill street dogs who otherwise would suffer alone on the street. But we don't treat only dogs! We treat cows, cats, pigs, any animal in need of help, we will treat. Dogs who cannot be returned to the street will remain at our shelter for adoption or to stay with us permanently.

    Street  cats receive care

    Street cats receive care

  • Community Humane Education Campaign: Street dog behavior is reflective of how they are treated. When a community is kind to dogs, the dogs are in turn kind to people. BAWS offers community humane education, showing people how to behave kindly towards dogs, how to prevent bites, and the importance of adoption over purchasing dogs. BAWS works to transform "street"dogs into "community" dogs.
  • Dog being treated for mange.

    Dog being treated for mange.

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